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This is the book Dr. Edie’s male patients have been waiting for. Men, if you are developing man boobs (moobs), you are having a hormonal issue!! Working out with lots of bench presses won’t shrink your chest, but this book can help you understand, identify and clear up and resolve your moobs issues. Dr. Edith Resto, DC,ND has used a wholistic and natural approach to ANDROPAUSE to help her male patients restore their hormonal imbalances for over twenty years. The Middle-Aged Man Potential; Maintaining Vitality in the Later Years is chock-full of information specifically geared to men’s health.

Click on the link to purchase the e-book version. A soft-covered print edition will be out soon.

Reader review: I definitely recommend this book. It gives you a pretty good idea what andropause is. I did not know I was going thru it. I now know where to get tested, I’m definitely contacting Dr. Edith and recommending this book to my buddies. – Richard